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Imagine you have just been granted a license to launch a Neo / Digital / Challenger Bank and now have a tight deadline from regulators and financial backers to launch your shiny new Digital / Platform, Deposit / Lending Product, and an accompanying App. Your product strategy is clear. Your deadlines are clear. The clock is ticking on the technology strategy & delivery….. The CTO is busy trying to find and recruit the talent that will create the new Tech…. …

Open Banking adoption has been steadily growing in Europe and the UK, where it was first introduced. In addition, a growing list of other countries have either adopted or are in the process of adopting the Open Banking standards.

The Open Banking standards are now giving rise to a range of new business models and use cases. In Part #1 of this article, we will share a few simple facts that we believe are fuelling Open Banking adoption and why Open Banking will become a strong influence in the market.

Banking is not in Vogue

Let’s face it, your Banking app is not the first…

Rana Peries

CTO & Co-Founder at 101Digital - Helping banks, neobanks & fintechs accelerate digital product innovation and go to market. Creator of OpenBankingDirectory.io

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